Directors and founders

The board of directors is drawn from MMAC’s founding agencies and is comprised of a Chair/President, a Vice President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. Officer bearers were appointed by vote, in keeping with the organization’s bylaws.

The board of directors

Robin Brown, Chair and Interim President
Jatinder Rai, Vice President
George Kan, Treasurer
Ishan Ghosh, Secretary
Loretta Lam, Director


Barrett and Welsh: Gavin Barrett, Ishan Ghosh. Gavin is CCO and Founding Partner and Ishan is CEO and Partner at Barrett and Welsh. 577 Kingston Road, Suite 301, Toronto ON M4E 1R3.

Captus Advertising: George Kan. George is Partner, Creative Director, Captus Advertising. 788 Beatty Street, Suite 408, Vancouver BC V6B 2M1.

Dig Insights: Robin Brown. Robin is EVP of the research firm Dig Insights. 372 Bay Street, 16th Floor, Toronto ON M5H 2W9.

Focus Communications: Loretta Lam. Loretta is President, Focus Communications, 145 Royal Crest Ct., Suite 48, Markham, ON, L3R 9Z4.

Hamazaki Wong: Sonny Wong. Sonny is Creative Director of Hamazaki Wong. 555 Howe St, Vancouver, BC V6C 2C2.

Monsoon Communications: Sachi Mukerji, Ramesh Nilakantan. Sachi is CEO and Creative Director and Ramesh is Managing Director and Partner, Monsoon Communications. 366 Adelaide Street East, Suite 337, Toronto ON M5A 3X9.

Response Advertising: Jatinder Rai. Jatinder is President of Response Advertising. 409 Granville St, Suite 1157, Vancouver BC V6C 1T2.