Health Not Hate

As an organization, we are proud to support our members and their work for the #HealthNotHate campaign which fights the rise in Anti-Asian racism that we have seen during the pandemic. Our enemy is COVID-19. Not our neighbours.

At a time when the physical health of our communities is at stake, there’s no need for racial discrimination to enter the conversation. Not now, not ever. This pandemic is a time for us to heal together, not wound each other. To practice social distancing, not ethnic distancing. COVID-19 is a health issue, not a race issue.

#HealthNotHate is a community and social justice campaign created and led by Hamazaki Wong Marketing Group, Megafone Media, Orange Studio, Werewolves of London, and Early Sullivan, with support from Multicultural Marketing Alliance of Canada. During this time of COVID-19, the group hopes to use its collective efforts and networks to draw attention to a key issue that has erupted from the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to change attitudes toward greater social understanding and inclusiveness. Learn more at